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 Enhanced Listing Banner Ads

Static banner (300×80 pixel or 300×60 pixel) , maximum of 40 words of text and 2 links to your website.

NH internet ads

   Full-Size Animated Banner Ads – Fixed Page or Section

Full size Banner, may be animated, and appear every time the page is viewed.
Banner does not rotate with other banners. Banner Size is 300×250 or 468×60 (shown below)

300x250 pixel Banner Ad

300×250 Banner

   Right Side Bar Skyscaper Banner Ads – Site-Wide Only

Right side bar ads appear on every page of the entire site –  every time the page is viewed.  Right Nav. banner ad sizes are 160×160 (shown below), 160×60, 160×240, or 160×600 pixel tower ads. 

160x160 pixel Right Side Bar Banner Ad

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