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The smallest state in the United States – at least in acreage is Rhode Island. However, that does not mean this southern New England state should be overlooked in your visit to New England. Rhode Island offers spectacular ocean vistas, world-famous mansions, and American historic sites like no other. Busy cities include Providence – home of the Roger Williams Zoo,  and scenic Warwick. Rhode Island offers beautiful beaches and the seaside town of Newport is a popular cruise ship destination during the summer months.  Contact us for information about promoting your business in New England Living Magazine. Follow the links below for more Rhode Island information.

Brief History of Rhode Island – The “Ocean State”

Rhode Island is full of history. Before colonization in 1636, Rhode Island was home to the Wampanoag, Niantic, and Narragansett tribes. Unfortunately, most of the tribal population was wiped out by European disease and warfare. The colony period of Rhode Island’s history lasted from 1636 to 1776, and it was known as the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

Rhode Island was the first British colony to declare its independence from the motherland. The post-Revolution era brought a heavy hand in the slave trade in Rhode Island. During the Industrial Revolution, Rhode Island was home to the first textile mill in the United States, and this small state quickly became one of the most industrialized states in America.

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